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Here are some of the hot items for your consideration.  We will update this page as the new hot items come along.

    The inverted umbrella above closes so any moisture,rain,snow
    will simply be trapped inside the closed umbrella,  Just point
    the umbrells to the floor and let the moisture drain out. 
    You can stand the umbrella to let it dry.
    The stainless steel tumblers above will keep drinks cold and you will still
    have ice in the morning. Your hot drinks stay hot longer, just like the
    $30.00 to $40.00 Brand Name Tumblers you can buy at Mast General
    or Dick's Sporting Goods, but with a much lower cost and with your logo.




  • We are happy to offer you our new "Responsive Website"
         Our new fully-responsive mobile-freindly website platform
          easily adapts to any device, including Desktop, Laptop,
          Tablet or Mobile Phone.
  • We are also offering E-commerce through Pay Pal.